Learn About the Role of an Independent Insurance Adjuster

An insurance adjuster is a professional who is placed in charge of settling an insurance claim. These professionals can work as independent adjusters or can work for an insurance company. Understanding the role these professionals play in settling claims is important for those that are dealing with problems with their claim.

What Do Independent Adjusters Do?

An independent adjuster is one that is a third-party adjuster. They work to adjust claims on behalf of the insured, but may not be directly employed by the person’s insurance company. When an insurance company outsources their work, they often hire these professionals to take care of their caseloads so claims can be settled more efficiently, saving the insurance company time and money.

When someone files an insurance claim, it is the adjuster’s job to investigate the claim and determine whether or not the insurance company is required to pay. Independent adjusters are typically hired during periods where there are many claims being submitted, such as after a natural disaster occurs in an area. This type of adjuster performs the duties of a traditional employee of the insurance company, only they work independently, often working as an independent contractor.

Many people become confused about the different types of adjusters and mistakenly believe an independent adjuster is one that works solely on the insured’s behalf. Individuals who are looking to hire their own adjuster to help with their insurance claim would need to hire a public adjuster.

A public adjuster can perform their own inspection of the damage and will create a report that can then be submitted to the person’s insurance company. These professionals can also help guide a person in the claim’s process so they can be sure their needs will be met by the adjuster.

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If you are in need of help with your insurance claim, now is the time to get started. An adjuster will help you through each step in the process so your insurance claim can be properly handled and taken care of in an efficient manner.

With an adjuster, your damage will be properly inspected and totaled so you can receive the settlement offer you are entitled to. Research more today so you can discover your options.

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